Glenarie House offer care,

and support for people with severe enduring mental illness and complex needs.

individual healthcare

when our service users

need it most

Our home has access to a wide range of

mental health clinical services, including

qualified nurses to provide advice and

support during crisis.


Each service user is given a client specific care package, and we work in partnership with CMHT's.

Supporting adults with mental health needs


Supporting adults with mental

health needs associated with:




Neurotic disorders

Forensic background




Section 37/41

Supporting adults 

associated with:


Forensic background


Stepping down from long stay,

or secure hospital


Have a personality disorder


Are on a care pathway to independent living


Have minimal mobility issues



Glenarie House will endeavour to develop a range of facilities and health care services, ensuring that our service users needs are identified and holistically addressed on an individual basis. We shall continue to strive to maintain and develop a service to meet continuing care demands whilst demonstrating a level of flexibility to meet ever changing needs.


Our professional team of staff will continue to focus and develop standards of excellence

in our home, whilst the company will remain committed to its personnel, supporting our service users and their well being. 

For further information 


0151 228 7440

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